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30 successful political campaigns

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Expertise Units

Tech & Intelligence

Sharpen your leadership skills, tell your story, build the plan and make it happen! We’ll be working with you during times of opportunity or crisis.

Data and technology at the core of decision-making and initiative building. We map, identify and implement the solutions required to reach your strategic goals.

Count on us to help you lead a cutting-edge campaign and mobilize your voters when the time comes! This unit was micro-segmenting and making big data personal when it wasn’t even cool.

Revamping the way institutions act, serve and interact with their audience is key. Rely on us to accompany you in turning around your organization’s positioning and value-added proposition!

• Strategic Planning

• Advisory & Coaching

• Policy Making & Projects Development

• Indexation & Tracking

• Executive Team Formation

• Crisis Management

• Big Data & Data Integration

• Data Analytics

• Campaigning Tools

• App & Algorithms Development

• Research & Analysis

• Strategy Development

• Campaign Building & Execution

• Branding & Integrated Communications

• Digital Campaigning

• Fundraising Services

• Political Manifesto Development

• Campaign Apps

• Election Day Solutions

• Performance Analysis

• Qualitative, Quantitative & Digital Studies

• Strategic Planning

• Project Development

• Integrated communications

• Digital Campaigning



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Our Team


All skilled professionals from diverse backgrounds and 10 different nationalities. Count on our experienced political strategists, star campaigners, statisticians, digital marketers, economists, designers and programers to develop each one of your projects!

The Game Changers


We serve as real-time partners and trusted advisers to global leaders in the political, social and business sectors.


Recognized for performing even under the most adverse conditions, bringing electoral victories and developing successful projects.